Tuesday, October 5, 2010

South Royalton, Vermont

I know I haven't blogged in a while and due to my laziness I will just skip to our latest trip. Nick and I decided that it would be a nice break for us to get a way from the hustle and bustle of our Jersey lives. Since we had no obligations this weekend and Nick had avoided being on call we thought it would be nice to go visit my mother in laws best friend. Elder and Sister Mitchell are serving their mission in South Royalton, Vermont which is the birthplace of Joseph Smith. It was about a 5 hours drive and worth it. The drive was absolutely beautiful this time of year with all the fall colors in full blown. As we drove up onto the ground you could feel the peace and calm spread over us. It is a place of pure serenity. Alette was extremely well behaved. She tolerated the long drive with very little fussing. I was dreading the drive for her but she showed me up! She slept really great the night we got there and was an absolute angel! Below are pictures from our trip.

Alette in the beginning of our trip.

If you want to keep a kid occupied give them a piece of garbage. (out of all the toys I brought her she wanted to play with this. it kept her busy for about 30 minutes!)

Quick picture, on our way to Vermont.

Love all the colors. (Up-state NY)

Up-state NY

There's something about this picture that reminds me of Princess Bride (I don't know why but it just comes to mind). Love it! (Up-state NY)

(Up-state NY)

(Up-state NY)

Elder and Sister Mitchell and us.

Alette's first time being "bundled up"!

The front step to the house Joseph Smith was born in.

Joseph Smith Statue.

Joseph Smith Monument. Put up on the 100th year anniversary of Joseph Smith's birth.

Close up.
President Hinckley stood right here and spoke.

On the way home.

Happy as can be! Love her!!!

On the way home. (sorry about the fuzziness)

This trip definitely gave us what we needed. Maybe one day you'll go there too!


Colleen said...

Aw, so glad Alette was such a good girl! I definitely want to get out there someday. Miss you guys!

Leonani said...

Awesome and I am so jealous! I never made it past New York. One day. And, look at Alette's hair, it's totally getting darker and longer. :)

Erika said...

Sounds great. I love her little striped sweater!

auntykaryn said...


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