Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Have We Been...

We've actually been quite the frequent flier these days. We've finally made it home after 2 1/2 months of being away from our beloved NJ home. It's a nice feeling, we've missed everything about the East and missed Nick even more! When Nick came to pick us up from the airport Alette hugged her daddy for about 10 straight minutes. Talk about a tear jerk-er! So, to get on with the post!
Nick and I decided a while back that it would be best for us to go visit family during his Surgery Rotation. Like I've explained in a previous post he was going to be living about an hour and a half away from us in a different town because the hours are just too ridiculous to commute all the time from the hospital to our apt. So to give him piece of mind that we would be fine without him we went to hang out with our family in Utah and Hawaii. We loved every minute of it but missed Nick desperately so we cut our trip short by about 3 weeks. Nick still has to be in a different town but at least we get to see him on the weekends and maybe occasionally during the weekdays. It's only for a couple of weeks and really, won't be that bad but we miss him all the time when he's gone. At least we were able to spend Valentines together! If you're interested at all below are some pictures of our trips to Utah and Hawaii. Hope you enjoy!

Alette and I got to Utah a few weeks before Nick was able to come home for Christmas Vacation. During those few weeks Alette hit milestones without hesitation and hasn't stopped since. When we got to Utah Alette could sit but we had to put her in the sitting position and she could roll. with in a week in a half to two weeks she could put herself in a sitting position and she started crawling (full on crawling, she barely visited the army crawl stage), after that there was no stopping her. She started pulling herself up to the standing position(she's now almost walking, she walks along the side of the couch and sometimes stands without holding on.), she was kinda scaring me, she just grew up before my eyes within 2 weeks. Nick came home and was able to see all of it for himself, I think she was kind of scaring him too. She's too smart for her own good! Anyways, we were able to spend time with Nick and his family during Christmas and we had a ton of fun. Nick and I went our seperate ways. He went back to NJ and Alette and I went across the ocean to Hawaii.

Christmas: Alette and her cousin Elijah (who actually got a baby sister on Christmas too)

Alette Checking out one of her gifts.

Daddy and Alette, She got the hang of tearing paper pretty quickly, unfortunately it had bad repurcussions, she now tears pages out of books.
The flight was an absolute disaster! But we finally got to Hawaii 8 hours after we were suppose to have been there. It was 2:30 in the morning and everyone was asleep so we didn't really get to say hi to everyone until they awoke. Alette had never met her Tutu and Tutu-man, or anyone else on my side of the family for that matter (besides one of my brothers and his family). Everyone was thrilled to see her and she had a ton of fun. We went to different places on the Island and ate at all the places I missed so much and managed to stop at the beach once. It was so nice to have them around me. Alette also got sick for the first time while we were there. It was a stressful time but surprisingly it only lasted a week (even though it felt like eternity with no sleep and a baby who was too sick to eat) She got slammed with a whole bunch of different things all at once. (Croup, Flu, Ear-infection, and 2 teeth) All in all we loved being in the warm weather and Alette loved not having to wear too much clothes. She's an Island girl at heart.

Hawaii: Standing up at the playground, notice my nervous hand trying to make sure she doesn't fall.

First trip to the hospital, she's so adorable and was being such a good sport.

Alette and her cousins Alice and Asa

Alette and her Uncle Lanakila(my brother), she really liked that motorcycle... maybe a little too much! Nick's going to have to keep tabs on this girl.

This is all the cousins together on my side. The whitest one is my kid ;) haha