Friday, February 27, 2009

Those Lazy Days

It has been nice the last couple weeks. 3rd term did not require a lot of studying each day (besides the days before an exam of course). The first week of 4th term has been pretty low key as well. I have only had microbiology to study and we have only had two lectures each day this week with zero labs. I have been able to study the lectures within just a couple hours and enjoy the rest of my day. As they say all good things must come to an end. Next week we start pathology and clinical skills with nutrition soon to come thereafter. The long lost, yet not forgotten rigors of medical school will return starting Monday. I am excited, but it has been fun for Kuulei and I to do pretty much whatever we want. I am glad we got married when we did so that we could enjoy each other and have a little bit of a "honeymoon" since we didn't get to go anywhere yet. School will be busy, but we are having a nice time and school is never too long before the next break so it is manageable.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Side I Never Knew!!!

Being married definitely shows a different side of the person you married. Some times its endearing, cute, disgusting, annoying, and my favorite, funny. A few nights ago Nick and I headed to bed. It takes both of us a while to go to bed. We have the usual problem of trying to get comfortable. I toss and turn and just when I get comfortable Nick moves. He's tossing and turning every five seconds. I finally ask him, "are you alright?" He says, "yes." At the same time he grabbed his pillow and started fluffing it. I finally think he's going to calm down and go to bed so I turn and start falling asleep. All of a sudden, I hear something hit the bed and I turn to see Nick punching the pillow. I say, "what are you doing?" then he looks at me with a slightly deranged look and says, "if anyone touched you I would do this to them!" Then he savagely starts punching the pillow. When he finally stops I can barely breath from laughing so hard. I then tell him, "I never knew you could be so aggressive." He looks at me and just smiles. Nick surprises me everyday. Mostly its because he's so funny. Other times its not so funny. In all fairness to Nick I surprise him numerous times a day. Like I said it's not always pleasant. We definitely always have fun, by the end of the day we have a bunch of things to laugh about. It may not have been so funny at the time, but at the close of the day we are just grateful to be with one another.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Things I Love About Kuulei

Ok since it is Valentines day I thought I would be soppy. I hope my buddies don't read this!

1. She is too funny I laugh so hard I cry a lot.
2. Her'll getcha!
3. I kind of like a girl that is good at wrestling..keeps me in line.
4. Her no nonsense attitude.
5. She is as beautiful as a cloudy English sunset.
6. She is so kind.
7. We have so many similarities, yet the right amount of differences.
8. She is my best friend.
9. She would do anything for me.
10. She is an incredible cook!

Happy Valentines Day! I love my Hawaiian princess.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Smokey Atmosphere.

Since we've been here in Grenada, our apartment has smelled like cigarette smoke. In fact it smells like we smoke. I personally think it is a very nasty habit, but I think it is even a nastier habit when others have to suffer from it. Our Neighbors next door are very avid smokers. Yes, they are in medical school so I don't know why they would want to put themselves through that. It is so bad that when they smoke at night I can smell it coming through our wall.  When ever we leave the apartment and come back we are greeted with a face full of tainted air. I asked Nick if he could talk to the management here to see if they could do anything about it, but before we asked I decided to look in the apartment manual and it said that it was alright to smoke. Nick was thinking of a way that he could minimize the smoke in our apartment. He came up with plugging the internet jacks in the bedrooms next to the guys apartment. I told him it was  a horrible idea and I didn't think it would work. I said "I don't think plugging up those two holes will do anything but waste tape". He said give it a few days and so I did. Monday nights I have a warm-up class I go to and NORMALLY when I come home I get that unpleasant scent this time I could NOT smell it. I decided that I wasn't fully convinced so Nick and I went on a little walk yesterday and when we came back we specifically started to sniff the air for cigarette smoke, there was NONE AT ALL! I apologized to Nick saying that I should listen to his ideas more often. Moral: Your husbands do know what they are doing in some cases. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wedding Pictures!

Good news! We got some wedding photos for you! Have a look...this is us after the Luau...didn't they turn out great? Hehe just kidding. We made these little cartoons on Manga. Our real wedding pictures are found on facebook. We don't let people other than our friends see our facebook photos so if you are not our friend on facebook yet add us! We wanted to thank our wonderful sister Vaina and our amazing friend Sara Weir for taking photos for us. Thanks to them, we can always remember our special day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things about Me

There has been a lot of these things going around lately so I thought I would post some about me as well.

1. I love Kuulei Jennifer Leanne Harker ( sometimes I still say Barton hehe)
2. I was an all-star catcher when I was in 8-10 year old little league.
3. I was an all-star outfielder in 11-12. (My coach's son got the catcher job. Rip off!)
4. I broke my nose by doing a dive off the bunk bed into the toy box
5. When I was 6, a 12 year old picked me up and threw me in horse poo.
6. I have a scar on my forehead that was caused by a baseball bat!
7. I want to visit the long as I get the exit row.
8. I love the beach but hate the heat.
9. I used to speak German quite well.
10. I love hockey and was captain and an all star in that sport as well.
11. I met Kuulei at FHE. I asked her what her name was.
12. I love all sorts of food but Asian Cuisine is my top!
13. I am a pretty good least I think so.
14. They made Mississippi Mud yogurt in England and I miss it.
15. Speaking of good things from England. I think Galaxy bars are the best chocolate in the world!
16. I am one of few tall people that don't play basketball
17. I actually like church!
18. I am way smart even though sometimes my grades say otherwise.
19. I got ran over by a truck and broke many bones in both feet.
20. I got hit in the throat with a speeding hockey puck. The guy that did it said, "you're lucky" in a jerk tone of voice like he did it on purpose.
21. I hope that kid dies.
22. I love my family very much
23. I like cliff diving even though I don't do it much.
24. I love to bowl and eat out at my favorite restaurants with family/friends.
25. I am a very happy person :)

There I hope that was fun to read!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You...

Recently, I have been going through a tough time. It's wonderful being here with Nick but I think I've been going a little crazy not having anything to do. I was trying to come up with a solution. For a long time I really, really wanted a dog. But... We obviously can't afford one living on loans and all that. I wanted something I could care for, that would consume my time since a baby is out of the question right this minute. I thought I could get another kind of pet. I went to the pet store with Nick and I saw the perfect "fix". It was a little dwarf bunny. It was so cute and it was the perfect size and I fell in love with it. Well, Nick said I should sleep on it because I could suddenly change my mind. As the days went by I decided I really wanted that Bunny. Today, I told Nick that I definitely wanted it. We went down to the pet store to pick it up, but it wasn't there. It had been sold the very day we were in there looking at it :(. I was SO disappointed, I felt like a kid that didn't get their way. If I had been any more upset, I would have thrown my body on the ground kicking and screaming. At first, I just stood there thinking "this is a joke, why does this have to happen". I asked if they were going to be getting any more and she said in a few months. Obviously I didn't want to wait, by then it would be useless. The Sales Clerk suggested a hamster. I was thinking "NO! I want a freaking bunny!". But as I looked around I would have no choice if I wanted a pet. So I gave in and I got a little hamster. It wasn't that bad, we ended up getting the hamster for free because we bought a cage. We spent a lot less than we were prepared to spend, which made Nick and I pretty happy. I let Nick choose the name and he chose "Snowball", the reason being (this is the exact wording Nick used) "because she was white and cuddles in a little ball".  We got her home and later in the evening I was putting my hand out to her and she reached up and bit me. I was a little startled and Nick came out after I had let out a yelp, I had a single drop of blood. And so here we have the title, "Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You."