Monday, March 29, 2010

Well I've hit 37 weeks, which means Alette can be considered "full term". I thought I would never reach the end and now that it's in sight it feels like it has slowed down a ton. We are so excited for our little girl to make her appearance. We are actually pretty anxious for her to hurry up and get here. We have so much that will be going on in the next month, we just want a little quiet time with her. I was thinking she will be coming a little early and now I'm not too sure. I guess she'll come when she's good and ready!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writer's Blog

You have heard of "writer's block", well we have been experiencing what I call "writer's blog". Ah Ah Ah, get it? That is just one of the many corny things I say that Kuulei has to put up with. Anyway, we have not written on our blog for awhile because there isn't too much to say I guess. All I do is study for the board exam and teach one day a week at Utah Valley University. It has been a real blessing for me to work there because with just 6 hours of work per week I get paid as much as I would working 20 hours a week somewhere else. That way I can make money all while not losing too much time for my studies. Kuulei was working at not long ago but quit because the baby is soon here. We got about 6 more weeks! I helped my dad fix a plumbing leak in our shower upstairs...that is about the highlights of the last 3 months. When I take my exam and get my score back I am sure we will have plenty of things to say and update you on so don't give up on us yet!