Friday, January 30, 2009

A Hair Raising Experience

Since being here in Grenada I thought I could experiment with a different hair color/hair-do. I was going to go to the Salon right next to our apartment thinking "it's Grenada, how expensive could it be." But it was pretty pricey (surprise, surprise). So I decided to do my own dying, so Nick and I went to the store and got a box that was suppose to make my hair dark brown with a bit of a purple hint, I though it would look good. I also wanted to cut my hair a bit. I had nick cut about 4" and he did a great job. We waited a little bit and then I told him that I wanted him to dye my hair. So we started to dye it and all the while I was looking at it thinking this looks a little too purple, But we continued to color. Finally, Nick was done and I waited about 30 minutes then began to rinse and while I was rinsing Nick said "I think it's rad, but you might think it's a little to purple." I was thinking "O great! Just what I wanted a purple head of hair." I finished rinsing and I wouldn't look at it until I dried it with the hair dryer. I finally worked up enough strength to take a look and it was a shock! I thought it would grow on me, but as the night worn on I didn't like it at all. The next day Nick and I had to get my ID at the School,  and let me tell you in the sunlight I looked freaking RIDICULOUS! I was getting a lot of unwanted attention, nobody said anything but I was getting a lot of lookers. The second I got home I asked one of the other members (she is a professional hairdresser) if she could fix the problem I had created. She was very kind and she took me in immediately and fixed my hair and even cut it with layers! So needless to say I NOW absolutely LOVE my hair and I LOVE the little change! I figured the worse thing that could happen was me having to shave my head. haha jk I am grateful that little mistake happened here instead of America!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Alone

So Kuulei went off to do some work outs with the girls in the branch here. I have been left to fend for myself. I was imagining pesky robbers trying to break in to my home and leaving the water faucet going all night while I foiled their attempts with numerous micro machines and BB gun traps while I slap my hands on my face. Yes I did shave today. Then I remembered that I am almost 30 years old and learning to be a professional. Still, I think it is important for us to keep the inner child within us. There are appropriate times where we can let go and just have fun. I am almost 30 yes, but I have still found a lot of joy in watching cartoons, or talking about jumping on the bed with the neighborhood kids, or letting my mind imagine like it once did. Being able to laugh and enjoy life has helped me cope when things are stressing, difficult, or even sometimes scary! P.S. Kuulei come back! I promise I will never study again!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Night on the Town

The words I will use for tonight is....adventurous, slightly frustrating. Tonight's adventures will take us to a local restaurant called "The Owl". We went with a group intending on having a nice get together, and don't get me wrong the company was great. The thing was we decided to be a little cheap so we were only going to order a couple banana splits and then we decided to get a fruit punch smoothie while we waited. Wait we did indeed. Our drinks came out about a half hour to about an hour after ordered. We proceeded to wait, and wait, and aw yes wait a little bit more. Finally the waitress came out after everybody got there food and she had a couple of fruit punch smoothies with her, she was asking who ordered them. Both of us said "we ordered two banana splits". She walked away and came back a little after that with a hamburger and said who ordered the hamburger and we looked at each other as she looked at us and she said to us "did you order the hamburger". In disbelief I told her we had not and asked if they were making us the banana splits we had ordered almost an hour ago. She told us the guy was making it. We waited a bit longer and then a bartender comes out with two banana daquiries and asked who ordered them and looked at us and we said we ordered two banana splits. I finally decided to stand up and go talk to someone until they understood what I said. We finally got a banana split out of it. I'm thinking I'll just settle with eating banana splits in America. 
It was time to go home after a long late afternoon out. We had a lot of fun but wanted to hurry home so that Nick could complete his studying for the night. We were trying to figure out what we should do about the bus situation. We had two options, We could catch this first bus which would then take us to campus and then wait for another bus which would take us to our apartment or we could take the first bus and walk about 15 minutes in the dark to our apartment. We were looking for the fastest way possible. We decided to walk. It wasn't a bad walk but it was very interesting. As we were walking home in a rather dark area I saw this dark mass and it was pretty big just off to the side of the road. I was thinking about what it could be. My mind went from animal to animal. I was thinking it was a horse, but no, it couldn't be it wasn't tall enough. I then thought it could be a goat, but no, it couldn't be that either, too big. Finally I thought I wonder if it is a cow. I was thinking I have not seen a cow around here any where so why on earth would a cow be on the side of the road. We finally came upon it and sure enough it was indeed a cow, actually I take that back it was a bull with pretty big horns!!! Nick and I both looked at each other and simultaneaously quickened our steps while looking over our shoulders making sure the bull didn't run after us. We made it to our apartment unharmed and very amused.

Hi Folks Nick here, Kuulei and I had been previously traumatized by a horse in Hawaii.  We were on a walk then as well and the horse galloped up to the fence and fluttered its lips and neighed at us.  We decided to imitate the horse and fluttered our lips back at it.  I wonder if that means "I want to kill you" in horse language because it seemed to just get more angry at us.  Good thing we didn't stomp our feet and kick up dirt behind us with one leg to this bull tonight.  I swear we always have an adventure when we go out.

A Little Inconvenience...

 The first week (23 weeks left to go) of the new semester ended on Saturday. I was SO THRILLED that I would be able to spend time with Nick and even better we were going to go to the beach! But..... of course something HAD to happen, It started to rain! In fact it ended up raining the ENTIRE day. The day actually didn't turn out bad it was a nice relaxing day, despite not being able to bask in the nice sun that had been out the entire week leading up to the Saturday. Nick and I still enjoyed the day and enjoyed being in each others company. SO! That brings us to today, Which is a Tuesday some of Nick's friends wanted to celebrate us getting married so we are going to go down and meet them. Nick made a wonderful suggestion about going to the beach. It started to rain. Yup, I was staring out the window thinking you have got to be kidding me, Eventually it did stop and we were still able to go. Nick also came home and the first thing he said to me is " Honey, you are going to kill me." I was thinking what does he mean. Did he get kicked out of school (haha, very unlikely. But it still circled around in my head). Turns out he had just lost his school ID, the credit card, the insurance card, and a few other cards. He was already very upset and surprisingly enough I was not bothered by it( Him losing the cards). Which I was very grateful for because about 45 minutes later one of the other members in the Branch found all of the cards and called him and told him he found it!  I am beginning to learn that almost anything in life is not as convenient as I or even WE would like it to be. I guess what I have to learn is just roll with it. It isn't too bad really. As long as you have a great spouse and some patience everything will turn out just fine.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Epic Journey

Well we got into Grenada at about 7 a.m. local time which would be 4 a.m. Utah time. So total trip time was about 25 long hours. The trip was fine we managed to get exit rows and was fairly comfortable. We got into the Trinidad airport at about 8:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m. Utah time) and from there the trip went from alright to very frustrating and emotionally painful. The 10 hour layover dragged on and on. In the beginning when we were going through immigration we got up to the desk where they stamp our passports and we didn't know what our flight number was going to be for the morning flight so we got up there and she told us to go to the continental "representatives" so we got out of line and went to the "representatives" and we asked the guy sitting on the chair if he was the one we needed to talk to. he replied "yes" and then we asked him if he would know the flight number we needed and he said "That my friend is something you and you alone should know". So we ended up just getting on the internet and figuring it out ourselves. Finally it was 4 a.m. our time and we began to check in. We were very blessed because we only ended up having to pay for one checked bag when we had four to check in.  From there the time went by quicker and we got on the plane going to our final destination and just so you can share in the moment we would describe the smell as earwax, stale cigarette smoke, and sweaty bodies. We landed in Grenada at about 7 a.m. very exhausted and starving. Everything went very smoothly. We got ALL of our checked luggage and manage to not have to pay a duty on my laptop. We got to the Apartment and took a nice long nap. Then woke up and got settled and then we realized we needed to eat and one of the other families here were kind enough to make us a nice little lunch and then took us to the store so that we could get some food. All in all we are very happy to be with one another and very glad we are going to be starting our new married life together... even if its in Grenada. hehe :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our new blog!

Hi everyone, Kuulei and I decided to start our own blog. We would like to pack it full of fun stories, funny jokes, and pictures of our lives together. Let me hand you over to Kuulei so she can greet you all as well :) (She thinks I am a nerd now).

Hey guys! :D

We are in Trinidad airport and it is about 12:35 in the morning. We were trying to pass the time while we wait for our flight to Grenada so we wanted to get our blog started. Check back every so often and we will try to keep things as updated as possible. Bye for now!