Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Alone

So Kuulei went off to do some work outs with the girls in the branch here. I have been left to fend for myself. I was imagining pesky robbers trying to break in to my home and leaving the water faucet going all night while I foiled their attempts with numerous micro machines and BB gun traps while I slap my hands on my face. Yes I did shave today. Then I remembered that I am almost 30 years old and learning to be a professional. Still, I think it is important for us to keep the inner child within us. There are appropriate times where we can let go and just have fun. I am almost 30 yes, but I have still found a lot of joy in watching cartoons, or talking about jumping on the bed with the neighborhood kids, or letting my mind imagine like it once did. Being able to laugh and enjoy life has helped me cope when things are stressing, difficult, or even sometimes scary! P.S. Kuulei come back! I promise I will never study again!


Erika said...

Isn't it weird how being alone is much harder when you're married than when you're single?

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