Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our new blog!

Hi everyone, Kuulei and I decided to start our own blog. We would like to pack it full of fun stories, funny jokes, and pictures of our lives together. Let me hand you over to Kuulei so she can greet you all as well :) (She thinks I am a nerd now).

Hey guys! :D

We are in Trinidad airport and it is about 12:35 in the morning. We were trying to pass the time while we wait for our flight to Grenada so we wanted to get our blog started. Check back every so often and we will try to keep things as updated as possible. Bye for now!


Chels Dabling said...

Congrats you two! I am very excited for you both! AND, I am also very excited that you now have a blog TOGETHER! Wahooo!

Jessica said...

Hi, this is Jessica!! I LOVE the picture you guys posted, you look so freaking cute together! Congratulations on the wedding, you are both very lucky people for having each other! Please post pictures of your awesome wedding so those who weren't able to come can see some of it. :)

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