Thursday, April 9, 2009

If They Mated

I remember the Conan O'brian show. I loved that show. My favorite thing he would do is "If They Mated". He would show different compilations of celebrity faces to come up with funny faces. In fact, I think if you go here you can see some! Anyway, I was done studying for the day and Ku'ulei and I wondered what our kids would look like so we decided to take matters into our own hands. From left to right are the twins, Gretchen and Gertrude and on the right is our son Tim. Don't worry we won't really name our kids that and I am sure they will be much better looking too.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flooded with Distractions!

While I was watching Gabe, I was having her draw pictures of fruit. I would first show her the shape then she would color it in. I was cooking dinner at the same time and was filling the water in the sink so I could do the dishes. The washer was going and the t.v. was going so all the noises were sort of combined. I was a scatter brain. I then look around the apt. and I see that the sink was just about to over flood. I quickly ran over to stop the water. I was trying to drain the sink a little but I had made the water so hot I could stick my hand in the sink. I slowly scooped the water out of the sink with one of the bowls that were floating on top. It was a good laugh, and was funny to see how quickly I forgot about something! Anyways, I was glad I caught it before it spilled onto the floor. I would have made the little girl clean it up. (haha, jk Casey).