Friday, September 16, 2011

We're moving... Again, and it won't be the last time either!

So, this came to us kind of suddenly but it makes the most sense. While we were looking over Nick's schedule we realized that after this month, we would be here in California all but 4-8 weeks in a 6 month period. We talked about it and decided that it would make the most sense economically for us to go to Utah. Nick still has to travel to NJ for a couple more months, a month in Oct. Then, again come March and half of April. And in November he has a rotation in Utah, and then 6 weeks off during December-January. Anyways, the months that Nick would have to leave, Alette and I would be alone in CA, family/ friend-less so we though a much better use of our time, and a much happier use of our time would be with our loved ones. So we're still working through some of the snags (I hate HOA's for the record) but come hell or high water- Nick, Alette and myself will be in Utah October 1st, and we won't be leaving for at least 6 months (well, at least Alette and I won't be) Then, in March Nick will be told where we will be spending his residency.. Can't say I'm excited to be cold but I can say that I'm excited about having good company. :)