Saturday, June 27, 2009

Brought to You By the Letter "P"

I was reading a funny story that a friend of ours wrote about her son getting peed on and it brought back a funny story of me getting peed on. My family and I were just kneeling down to family prayer and normally after family prayer I would take my dog out to go to the bathroom then lock her in her bed. Well, as we were praying I heard Mahina(the dog) whining, I thought she could hold it, being that while she is in her bed at night for 9 or so hours she doesn't let a drop touch her pillow. Well all of a sudden she jumps on my back. I thought she was just going to play around because she would sometimes just jump on me and run away. I was wrong. She actually jumped on my back then straddled my head and started peeing on my neck. I was really grossed out but I didn't want to disturb the prayer so I just sat there I was making little squeaking noises so my dad looked up and saw what Mahina was doing, all of a sudden he yelled at her and she jumped off of me and the prayer was ended. I hurried to my dogs defense saying she was doing what she was trained to do by not going to the bathroom on the floor. Anyways, it makes me laugh every time I retell the story, even though it is sort of embarrassing, but what's life without a little embarrassment!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's a Celebration!

In case you missed it, this was the scene at our apartment today. Ok you are right our apartment isn't quite this big. That doesn't take away from the glee and celebration we had today after my last exam. We were a little nervous that I might blow it and not pass pathology but I made it through and did alright on the final. We have been here a long five and a half months. It has been full of stress, busy bees, and relentless pressures. We have lived to tell the tale and are happy for the experience we have been able to have. We now feel if we can make it through 4th term we can make it through anything. I think that is true, us humans can do just about anything we put our minds to as long as we work hard enough to make it work.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now We Know Why it is So Humid Here!

Of all Sundays, I would say that today topped all of them. For one, it is our last Sunday for this term! Secondly, today seemed like it was pretty normal until the end of church. Grenada has given us so many memories to look back on that I can't resist mentioning one that will forever be stuck in my head. Nick and I were heading out to the car and right in the opening of the church (which is only about 3 feet wide) a little boy decided he couldn't hold his pee any more. He decided the front gate was the best place to let loose. He pulled his "thing" out and started to pee, after he finished he looked up at us like it was nothing. He put his "thing" back in his pants and reached down to wipe off his shoe (and it wasn't a couple drops, it covered the top of his shoe) which got in the way of his stream. He wiped it off on his pants and just strolled along. I have been in Grenada for nearly 6 months and in those months I have seen more people pee on the side of the road than all of my years I have lived in America, that includes camping trips with 5 brothers.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Freudian Slip

  Nick didn't have to go to school today because it was a holiday. We decided to sleep in and when we woke up it was almost 9 (am). Bacon sounded like a good way to start our day off so we went down to IGA to get some. When we came home Nick said that he would make breakfast. He fried up the bacon and the eggs and we had some english muffins. Nick had prepared a plate for me and when we gave it to me I was going to say "Thank you Baby", but at the same time I was going to say "Thank you Nich". At the same time I was thinking I would say "Thank you Nicky". Well needless to say I took the "b" from baby. The "ich" from Nich, and the "y" from Nicky. Nick looked at me with a semi astonished face, and then just bursted out in laughter. I was kind of astonished myself. Maybe subconsciously, that was the exact thing I was thinking of! 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Having an "Ice" Time

Most of you may know that while I was in high school I wrestled. Not only do I have a love for wrestling but I have a love for all sorts of sports. I loved going to high school football games, volleyball games, basketball games etc. Pretty much any sport I love to either watch, do it, or at least try it. I will admit that I do not like golfing and yes I have tried it. I just don't have the love for it as I do all the other sports. Recently, I have found a sport that I really really enjoy watching. As a lot of people may know it is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Hockey has been so intense and interesting to watch. They don't really have Hockey in Hawaii but they don't exactly have a lot of ice. The first time I watched a hockey game was when I was living in Washington, I really enjoyed the game, even though I didn't know exactly what was going on. I think the reason I enjoy watching it so much more is because I know what is happening. Nick is so great in answering all my questions while watching his game. We only get a few games every now and again. Its nice to be able sit and watch it along with Nick and actually talk to him about the games. Plus, some of the players are pretty studly. I really hope if we have boys they will be able to share the love of sports Nick and I both have. Don't get me wrong though, even if our kids absolutely hate sports we'll still love them.
P.S. As of now I think H. Zetterberg is the studliest of all. Nick and I have also decided to name one of our sons Henrik. haha Henrik Harker, has a nice ring to it!