Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now We Know Why it is So Humid Here!

Of all Sundays, I would say that today topped all of them. For one, it is our last Sunday for this term! Secondly, today seemed like it was pretty normal until the end of church. Grenada has given us so many memories to look back on that I can't resist mentioning one that will forever be stuck in my head. Nick and I were heading out to the car and right in the opening of the church (which is only about 3 feet wide) a little boy decided he couldn't hold his pee any more. He decided the front gate was the best place to let loose. He pulled his "thing" out and started to pee, after he finished he looked up at us like it was nothing. He put his "thing" back in his pants and reached down to wipe off his shoe (and it wasn't a couple drops, it covered the top of his shoe) which got in the way of his stream. He wiped it off on his pants and just strolled along. I have been in Grenada for nearly 6 months and in those months I have seen more people pee on the side of the road than all of my years I have lived in America, that includes camping trips with 5 brothers.


Sara and Dustin said...

Oh gross. That's pretty sick. Let me guess, Trevor?

Kuulei and Nick said...

Hahaha. I would have said something to Trevor. It was actually Heston.

talkingdonkey said...

that's hilarious

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