Thursday, June 4, 2009

Having an "Ice" Time

Most of you may know that while I was in high school I wrestled. Not only do I have a love for wrestling but I have a love for all sorts of sports. I loved going to high school football games, volleyball games, basketball games etc. Pretty much any sport I love to either watch, do it, or at least try it. I will admit that I do not like golfing and yes I have tried it. I just don't have the love for it as I do all the other sports. Recently, I have found a sport that I really really enjoy watching. As a lot of people may know it is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Hockey has been so intense and interesting to watch. They don't really have Hockey in Hawaii but they don't exactly have a lot of ice. The first time I watched a hockey game was when I was living in Washington, I really enjoyed the game, even though I didn't know exactly what was going on. I think the reason I enjoy watching it so much more is because I know what is happening. Nick is so great in answering all my questions while watching his game. We only get a few games every now and again. Its nice to be able sit and watch it along with Nick and actually talk to him about the games. Plus, some of the players are pretty studly. I really hope if we have boys they will be able to share the love of sports Nick and I both have. Don't get me wrong though, even if our kids absolutely hate sports we'll still love them.
P.S. As of now I think H. Zetterberg is the studliest of all. Nick and I have also decided to name one of our sons Henrik. haha Henrik Harker, has a nice ring to it!


Colleen said...

Since me and Jim aren't that into sports, we figure we'll end up with a bunch of jocks. :)

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