Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feelin' Like a Porker!

Nick and I were able to get away from our uneventful lives for an hour. We decided to go out for dessert! While Nick and I were getting ready I had a "normal" feeling come over me. Could it possible be Nick and I were actually going to go out and have fun without the worries of Grenada and school. YES, it was possible. We went to "The Beach House". It was a pretty nice restaurant. It only took us an hour to get dessert, I know that sounds like a long time but for Grenada its actually pretty fast. We did make reservations though, and I think that helped our time along. Nick and I decided to get the Grand Etang Mud Pie. It was great! I didn't think I was hungry at all because we had eaten dinner just before going down, but I guess I was because I managed to out eat Nick if you can believe that! We also sat a while humming Disney songs seeing if we could guess the right movie, as sad as that sounds. Needless to say, we had an absolute wonderful time. 
P.S. The Mud Pie was twice the size of the picture, I know out eating your husband isn't what most women would like to admit to, but I have a little competitive side. :D


Sara and Dustin said...

That mud pie is heavenly! When Casey got it I could hardly stop myself from eating the whole thing. I love nights that make you forget about all the cares in the world.

Erika said...

Mmmm... that looks so good!

Kuulei and Nick said...

That is one contest I am more than happy to not even try in :) I could totally work you.

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