Monday, September 17, 2012

Ah November.... Time of Thanks, Food, and Sports Medicine

November! I love it! Nick actually really loved it too. He started a sports Medicine Rotation down in Provo, UT. He loved the Dr.'s he worked with and loved learning new things! Everyone was really nice and were great teachers. Nick is actually interested in doing Sports Medicine when he's done with Residency so this was great for him to get his feet wet and to see if this is something he was really interested in, and it definitely is! We also benefited from Nick being in the sports medicine rotation because the Dr. he was working with is BYU's Sports Medicine Dr. so he gets free tickets in the VIP seating area, he gave 3 to us. So, Nick and I, along with our good friend Katie went to my first BYU football game in the stadium, it was a lot of fun! It was cool too because we got all this free food! Aside from that, We all (Nick, Me, and Alette) flew to Texas for one of Nick's interviews for Residency it was fun but it was also crazy busy. While we were in Texas we met up with some of our old Medical school friends, the Teame's and Johnson's- they are actually a year ahead of us so it was nice asking them how they liked Residency, it gives us something to look forward to!
 Last but not least, Thanksgiving was wonderful not only because we were able to be around family but Nick was actually able to be with us. He's been having to come and go a lot because of school but anytime we get him we're super happy!


Ever since I got pregnant with this baby I have been DYING to know if it was a boy or a girl. I obviously would be completely fine with having another girl because Alette is so darn awesome but it would also be way fun to have at least one of each. SO, I decided to schedule an ultrasound at 16 weeks to specifically find out the gender and guess what they told us.................. IT'S a BOY!
Isn't that profile just THE CUTEST!


When they told me it was a boy, I seriously started to tear and almost immediately I thought of all my hopes and dream for the little guy. Mostly, I thought about how much my brothers mean to me and how much I want Alette and this little one to mean to each other when they get older. So in love with this little boy!

Alette's first "real" Halloween!

I was really excited this Halloween because Alette could actually semi enjoy this holiday, and I could even dress her up and be happy that more than a handful of people would see her! Last year she was a Cuddly Tiger but this year she was a yummy Cupcake! And, the other thing she could actually walk this year so they could get the full cuteness of it all.

Trick or Treat Time w/Daddy!!!

Halloween 2011 (@Trunk or Treat)

Carving a Pumpkin w/mommy!

Finished Product!

Halloween 2010
12 weeks Along with baby#2 (as of the 10th of October)

Moving to Utah

Alright, So the last spot I left off in the blog was when we decided we were going to be moving to Utah. Alette and I packed the entire house up because the rotation Nick was on left him barely any time at home to do anything extra besides studying. We ended up hiring some movers to work through the little HOA rules and it worked out just fine, they packed the moving pods for us and all Nick and I had to worry about was the 12 hour drive to Utah. Nick left to go to Jersey and completed his rotation there without a problem. What we DIDN'T tell everyone was right around this time I was going through my first Trimester with our little sweetheart Grant. I had some morning sickness but no where near as bad as it was when I was pregnant with Alette. So I think, right when we moved I would've been almost past my first trimester and I was happy because I was able to use the same OB I had when I had Alette. I had wonderful help during the periods Nick was gone because we were staying with his parents.

8 weeks along.

Alette in Nicks Hockey Helmet while I was Packing.          

It's Been a Whole Year and I Have Some Catching up to do!

Well, just the other day I was looking at the blog and noticed it has been a year since I last posted. Let me tell you, there has been SO much change in this year it blows my mind. It's a nice little journal to have and I can't believe I've neglected it this long! Anyways, I'll be spending the next little while updating the blog so if you're interested stay-tuned!