Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving to Utah

Alright, So the last spot I left off in the blog was when we decided we were going to be moving to Utah. Alette and I packed the entire house up because the rotation Nick was on left him barely any time at home to do anything extra besides studying. We ended up hiring some movers to work through the little HOA rules and it worked out just fine, they packed the moving pods for us and all Nick and I had to worry about was the 12 hour drive to Utah. Nick left to go to Jersey and completed his rotation there without a problem. What we DIDN'T tell everyone was right around this time I was going through my first Trimester with our little sweetheart Grant. I had some morning sickness but no where near as bad as it was when I was pregnant with Alette. So I think, right when we moved I would've been almost past my first trimester and I was happy because I was able to use the same OB I had when I had Alette. I had wonderful help during the periods Nick was gone because we were staying with his parents.

8 weeks along.

Alette in Nicks Hockey Helmet while I was Packing.          


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