Thursday, June 11, 2009

Freudian Slip

  Nick didn't have to go to school today because it was a holiday. We decided to sleep in and when we woke up it was almost 9 (am). Bacon sounded like a good way to start our day off so we went down to IGA to get some. When we came home Nick said that he would make breakfast. He fried up the bacon and the eggs and we had some english muffins. Nick had prepared a plate for me and when we gave it to me I was going to say "Thank you Baby", but at the same time I was going to say "Thank you Nich". At the same time I was thinking I would say "Thank you Nicky". Well needless to say I took the "b" from baby. The "ich" from Nich, and the "y" from Nicky. Nick looked at me with a semi astonished face, and then just bursted out in laughter. I was kind of astonished myself. Maybe subconsciously, that was the exact thing I was thinking of! 


Erika said...

Thanks for the good chuckle. One time I called Corey "mom." More embarrassing than when you call the teacher mom. It was kind of funny though.

chellrie said...

I think it's always dangerous when talking about sheets. I'm trying to make some bedding for Marcus' room and I was saying something yesterday about having the sheet fit... but, of course, that's not quite how it came out. Whoops :)

Kuulei and Nick said...

hahaha. The sheet will get you all the time! I feel like some times my mouth moves faster than my head! :P

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