Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flooded with Distractions!

While I was watching Gabe, I was having her draw pictures of fruit. I would first show her the shape then she would color it in. I was cooking dinner at the same time and was filling the water in the sink so I could do the dishes. The washer was going and the t.v. was going so all the noises were sort of combined. I was a scatter brain. I then look around the apt. and I see that the sink was just about to over flood. I quickly ran over to stop the water. I was trying to drain the sink a little but I had made the water so hot I could stick my hand in the sink. I slowly scooped the water out of the sink with one of the bowls that were floating on top. It was a good laugh, and was funny to see how quickly I forgot about something! Anyways, I was glad I caught it before it spilled onto the floor. I would have made the little girl clean it up. (haha, jk Casey).


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