Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lately,  Nick and I have been seeing tons of fast food commercials. From nice crisp fish sandwiches from Wendys to BK Breakfast shots. Normally, this wouldn't be torture but, watching these commercials makes our mouths water and our stomachs growl.  We have been in Grenada for exactly 66 days (but who's counting..this Nick here...I am!). Over the past months we have not had a decent fast food "meal". What Nick and I would give to have a nice greasy, nasty burger that has been sitting under a warming light for who knows how long, at least we could get our food pretty much on demand and it would taste pretty close to what you imagine it would be. In Grenada, I have been SO VERY disappointed in some restaurants that I would eat a burger off of the floor of McDonalds if that meant I could eat something so familiar and delicious. Even now as I write this blog I can almost taste the salty-fat saturated french fries dipped into my vanilla ice cream cone. So, for all you LUCKY people who have the luxury of going to a fast food restaurant remember the people in a far off country who would die to do just that.


Justin & Ashlee said...

Oh man! You had to mention dipping the fries in your ice cream...that is my favorite thing at Wendy's!

melocopter said...

I will eat Burgers Supreme in honor of you people.

dancingtexancowgirl said...

Kuulei, I want you to know that I did as you requested of me before I left to go back to America - I ate a big juicy hamburger the week after I got back to the States. And I thought about you.:) Hope you're doing well. - Meg

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