Friday, March 6, 2009

Not Ourselves

What would Kuulei look like if she decided to tatoo her face and do the punk look? What would I look like if I was a blue eyed surfer dude? What would I look like if I had gender identity disorder? Kuulei and I had a ball on As you can see some of the images are quite disturbing. Funny enough, me with blue eyes I look a lot like my brother Jim! Anyway, the website is supposed to help women come up with a new look for themselves. They can upload a photo and change hairstyles, colors, make up, and accessories. Kuulei and I abused the software for our own humorous purposes but we were glad we could have a little fun. I am happy I look the way I look, I wouldn't want to change a thing. Oh and one more thing, I know I look freaky scary and I should never go drag again!


melocopter said...

Wow I've never seen Nick looking so good (the one on the left)!!!!

melocopter said...

The one on the bottom I mean.
- Jim H.

Erika said...

You gotta twin?
The one with you in drag looks like Harry Shearer at the end of A Mighty Wind when he's the blonde woman.
Kuulei looks good with the punk look

Colleen said...


Brother and Sister Harker said...

You totally look like Jim ( in a weird blond hair sort of way).

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