Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things about Me

There has been a lot of these things going around lately so I thought I would post some about me as well.

1. I love Kuulei Jennifer Leanne Harker ( sometimes I still say Barton hehe)
2. I was an all-star catcher when I was in 8-10 year old little league.
3. I was an all-star outfielder in 11-12. (My coach's son got the catcher job. Rip off!)
4. I broke my nose by doing a dive off the bunk bed into the toy box
5. When I was 6, a 12 year old picked me up and threw me in horse poo.
6. I have a scar on my forehead that was caused by a baseball bat!
7. I want to visit the long as I get the exit row.
8. I love the beach but hate the heat.
9. I used to speak German quite well.
10. I love hockey and was captain and an all star in that sport as well.
11. I met Kuulei at FHE. I asked her what her name was.
12. I love all sorts of food but Asian Cuisine is my top!
13. I am a pretty good least I think so.
14. They made Mississippi Mud yogurt in England and I miss it.
15. Speaking of good things from England. I think Galaxy bars are the best chocolate in the world!
16. I am one of few tall people that don't play basketball
17. I actually like church!
18. I am way smart even though sometimes my grades say otherwise.
19. I got ran over by a truck and broke many bones in both feet.
20. I got hit in the throat with a speeding hockey puck. The guy that did it said, "you're lucky" in a jerk tone of voice like he did it on purpose.
21. I hope that kid dies.
22. I love my family very much
23. I like cliff diving even though I don't do it much.
24. I love to bowl and eat out at my favorite restaurants with family/friends.
25. I am a very happy person :)

There I hope that was fun to read!


Colleen said...

You're funny Nick. I especially liked the "as long as I get the exit row" comment.

Jayson & Sara said...

#26 - All your friends on the Isle of Spice know you as "Nick the Knife".

talkingdonkey said...

#27 I hope the kid in #20 dies too.

I love you too


Skoot D said...

#24 is TRULY the BESTEST thing in the world to do!!!!!!! LY!!!!!!!!!!!

Elam's said...

Hey, speaking of galaxy - did you get the bars we sent? they may have arrived after you left back for Grenada. Sorry! Anyway, hope you and your wife are doing well - elam's

Dr. Nick said...

Yeah I got the Galaxy's thanks so much! They are being kept cool in the basement until my triumphant return to gobble them all up! THANKS!

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