Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy October!

Well! this was our first Halloween with our small family. There's something about having a kid that just makes you want to get into the spirit of things. I decided that I would make some Halloween sugar cookies. After Alette went to sleep, Nick and I set off into the kitchen to decorate the already baked cookies, I would have done it with Alette but have you every tried doing something and actually getting in DONE when you have a baby?! I didn't think so. Anyways, I thought it would be fast because we weren't running to a lonely baby's aid every 10 seconds. It wasn't, it actually took us a few hours to decorate a handful of cookies. We resorted in eating the rest that were not decorated so that we wouldn't feel like we gave up.

First taste of Halloween delight

I think she likes it!

"The Baker"

Nick's twin
Which one doesn't belong?

Since Alette is so small (I should say young, there's really nothing small about her) we didn't really want to go trick-or-treating. One, she wouldn't have known the difference and two, we wanted to avoid the stares (mainly because everybody knows a baby without teeth can't eat tootsie rolls, or anything else for that matter. Well, unless you chew it up for her first). We decided that we HAD to dress her up though just so we could record her first Halloween. Nick and I were a little lacking in the dressing up department. We didn't really have anywhere to go so we didn't put any effort in dressing up. We did get to show Alette off at a Halloween Party and our Apt Complex had a little get together for the kids. Alette wasn't too fond of her costume but I thought it was adorable. All in all our Halloween was a success (aside from the fact that we had ZERO trick-or-treaters, I guess we look creepy?). I think next year Nick and I will be a little more enthusiastic about Halloween... not that we weren't this year but like I said before we lacked in some areas ;)! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween, I know we did!!!

Daddy and Tiger Alette. Rawr!

Close up

On another note, Nick has to go down to Trenton, NJ come the end of November which means that I wouldn't have a car or a husband (for that matter) for about 3 months. It sucks, but we've decided the best thing (financially and physically) to do will be me and Alette going to Utah and stay with family there. Alette and I are not happy about it and quite frankly we hate to do it but we also like having loved ones around. One a lighter note, I will also be able to go to Hawaii in January to see my family. Alette will finally be able to meet her tutu and tutu-man. So there's good and bad, but we'll make the best of things. We will be able to spend Thanksgiving with Nick and Christmas, so there's no holidays that will be missed (if you're not counting our anniversary and my birthday, Valentines day and Nick's birthday... I guess we are missing a lot!) O well, we'll just have to do something really awesome when I get back from our "vacation".

Update: Alette is now back to eating as much as ever, she also insists upon eating "big people food". She stares and Nick and I while we eat dinner and waits until we offer her some. I think she's in the midst of another growth spurt (like she needs it!!!).


Erika said...

The first thing I noticed was her hair! Second was her cute little chubby arm rolls. Oh I wish I could eat her! I'm glad you had a great weekend. The invitation is still open if you want to stop by my house...

Leonani said...

Love it! Her hair is getting so long! Watch, pretty soon she'll have long tresses. :) Just a little tip. Be careful giving her grown up food. Some of them will be hard for her to digest, but I don't need to tell you. Having a doctor for a husband and all. :)

Kuulei and Nick said...

Erika, it would be complete madness. 3 children all under the age of 3 (assuming of course Jack is here, which by the sounds of it he will be making his appearance quite soon!) But it is a tempting idea.

Leo, We're pretty careful about what we give her. We give her little tastes of our food, nothing too substantial that would fill her belly though. She's sticking to the Milk and baby food.

isaacandruth said...

I can see why the cookies took you guys so long to decorate - they are AWESOME! We just slap the frosting on and sprinkle colored sugar bits on top!

Kuulei... I know you don't know me personally, but I admire you for stikcing through everything - being married to a doctor/doctor-to-be isn't easy... we are thankfully beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and let me tell you, it is a joyous sight and a wonderful feeling! So hang in there!

Kuulei and Nick said...

Ruth, Thank you. But, I wouldn't do it any other way. I have such a great guy and he's so wonderful at being a husband, daddy and med student. He always makes sure he spends a little time with us and we are thankful for it. He is an amazing person, we would do anything to help him achieve his goal. You have been at it for a while so you understand that you would do just about anything for your husband.

Colleen said...

Love Alette's costume, she's such a cute little tiger! We're excited to have you and Alette around for awhile, though I'm sure you and Nick will miss each other a ton.

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