Friday, August 7, 2009

Those Lazy Days of Summer

Well, school starts again on Tuesday. I thought I would give a summary of how our vacation went. It went all too fast as we knew it would. It was a time for us to come home and eat dirty disgusting fast food. We got to go shopping at all the stores. We even went shopping in Salt Lake! We didn't buy a whole bunch of stuff but it was fun just to pretend and window shop. We got to see MOST of my family and even part of Kuulei's family. We lost a loved one, we gained a new loved one all within a couple of months. We got to eat our favorite cereal and eat at Texas Roadhouse. We went to the temple almost every week. It was pretty cool because I have not learned so much there as I have this summer. I studied a little bit for boards and spent more time playing video games or hanging out with the fam and Kuulei. I think that even though we don't want to leave and head back to Grenada, we are rested and energized to take on the challenges that lie ahead for the next 4 months. I was terribly tired by the end of last term so I am happy and excited to work hard for 5th term. It is hard to leave loved ones, but we only have 4 more months to go and then we don't have to go back. Once we are back in the states for good it will be easier to come and visit the family. Our goal is to get residency in or close to Utah so the harder days hopefully are behind us.


Jayson & Sara said...

Congratulations you guys! You earned a fabulous rest. And yes, only four more months!! It'll fly by and then you'll be live'n it large in the states. I know you're hoping for CA, but we'd LOVE to have you in NY. Hey! Why didn't you stop by on your way through the city!? Make sure you plan a longer lay over so we get to see you on your way back home for good!!

Dr. Nick said...

Yeah if we can't get NY we will be over there with you all for sure! Sorry, but we didn't go through NY at all on our way home. We went through Houston. Otherwise that would have been fun to have you guys show us around a bit while we waited. We had an 8 hour layover in Houston and it was way boring. I hope Mara is doing super and you guys are doing equally well. We miss you!

Dr. Nick said...

I mean if we can't get CA we will be in the NYC area haha.

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