Monday, August 17, 2009

A Run in with Ginger

Well, here we are back in Grenada. Something funny happened to me on the flight down. I asked for Ginger Ale because I always order Ginger Ale when I am on the plane. I noticed Canada Dry Ginger Ale now makes their Ale with real ginger. I wonder what they made it with before? Anyway, I was enjoying my first sip with all the sudden like I felt a sharp pain in my upper left teeth. I have a sensitive spot there and the Ale was cold so I figured no problem. Then I noticed my upper left lip was numb. My teeth were soon to follow and it felt like the dentist had just given me that notorious "little pinch" and shoved a huge needle in my gums loaded with anesthetic. I kind of panicked a but and wondered, oh no what happened! Have I somehow cut off the blood supply or damaged a nerve? I told Kuulei my symptoms and she said, "Oh you know what I think it is? Ginger can do that." Sure enough about 5 minutes later I felt normal again. I never new ginger could do I want more Canada Dry!

You may have noticed I put up a countdown to when we leave Grenada for good. It is kind of depressing to look at right now but it should be fun to see the days get closer to zero. Luckily I don't look at my blog every day so that this unwatched pot will eventually boil. If anyone knows how to tweak the HTML correctly so that I can get the thing to fit all the way I am all ears. Enjoy!


Skoot D said...

Glad to hear you made it (MOSTLY) safe & sound!!! I'm looking forward to the return of the Mighty Harkers!!!


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