Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Pictures

The Majesty sitting on her "Throne"
Always wants her Daddy.

Daddy's little girl!

It was a little dark in the arena so this was the best we could do!

Alette absolutely LOVES Blues Clues, When I need to get something done in the kitchen I'll turn an episode on for her and she'll sit (for maybe 5-10 minutes) and laugh at the characters. She actually REALLY enjoys dogs... she may be getting one for her next birthday. Don't tell Nick I said that. ;)

Already picking at the frosting. She knows a good treat when she sees it.

Digging in!

Trying to touch the camera with her mousse covered hands.

After a bath, she opened presents! She got a lot of fun toy/books.

The End.


Colleen said...

Happy birthday, Alette!

Erika said...

she really got into that cake! that's awesome. I can't believe how old she's getting! Glad you had fun.

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