Sunday, January 17, 2010

All Now Rejoice the Long Night is O'er

It was a funny feeling, Jan 11 I usually head back to Grenada for another round of school. This time though, I stayed here. It wasn't because I couldn't get a flight, nor was it because I was sick. Ok well, I did have the flu that week but that isn't why we didn't head back to Grenada. We stayed in Utah because I finished all of my work in Grenada!!! 5th term was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. Of course you can't go through a semester of medical school without a lot of stress as well so I experienced a lot of that too. As most of you know Kuulei got sick with morning sickness and had to go back to the U.S. so I was stuck in Grenada to fend for myself. I found joy in cooking treats for neighbors that were always so kind and helpful to me, and I also enjoyed hosting weekly BYU football games. We were fortunate enough to have some classmates that had slingbox so we could catch the Cougs in action. Without cooking and football I had nothing to look forward to each week other than the Sunday night skype with the fam and Kuulei. 5th term was fun, I enjoyed pharmacology and did well in that class. I didn't like the way pathophysiology was taught and I especially didn't like the way we were examined in there either but I figured out a few tricks that helped me do well enough. I won't comment on clinical skills for 5th term, they know what they did and I hope they make the changes for the other incoming 5th termers this semester. Shame shame shame. Anyway, I actually did the best grade-wise in 5th term. I also got to go to the hospital on rotations once a week and it was fun to see how the hospitals ran, or didn't run, in Grenada. I always enjoyed meeting patients and it was fun to see that I am actually able to kind of piece together some of the things I am learning in school to actually help people feel better. I am glad that I am done in Grenada, but I already miss some things. Coke, ting, sitting on the bus and chatting with my pals and who could forget going to church! It was a long tough two years but I find great joy and satisfaction in knowing I accomplished something like that. I believe we all have the power to accomplish great feats no matter what it is if we are tenacious, hard working, and never give up.


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