Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where We Go...Nobody Knows!

Yesterday, I submitted something that I have been anxiously awaiting to submit. I was allowed to finally submit my top three choices for rotations. This will determine where Kuulei, Baby, and I will be living for the next two years after Grenada is all said and done. My first choice was Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, California. We wanted to be near family in Utah and Bakersfield is somewhat similar to our home town Orem. Crime is a bit more and it might have more people but the general feel is pretty similar. I have passed through a few times on my way to LA. Anyway, I am not sure if we will get it or not. I hear there are very few spots and I thought we were the class with the largest amount of available spots! Sad that a large amount is still actually quite small. Also a GPA of 3.2 is required for the pediatrics rotation. As smart as I am I definitely don't have a 3.2. Second choice was Lincoln Medical Center/Sound Shore Medical Center in New York City. We thought we could live up a little bit north of NYC and I could take the train into town to work. I am not sure how trains and stuff will work out just yet so we will just see if we get placed there and I will deal with how to get to work after that. We just wanted to kind of be out of the city in the suburbs but we will see. Third choice is St. Barnabas in New Jersey. A lot of our Grenada friends are there already so it would be cool to see them again. They could also show us the ropes and tell us which neighborhoods not to live in. I don't want to have a loaded gun on my nightstand haha. Anyway, it is really exciting. I have lived in Grenada for 2 years and I am anxious to close this chapter of life and see what there is to read in the next chapter.


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